Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Great British Duck Race - results

The Great British Duck Race was run last Sunday and whilst I wasn't able to get along to watch it, I was quite close by. The Fulham interest in this is that the FFC Community Trust is one of the beneficeries. The shoddy photo below shows (if you look hard enough) a very large duck which marked the finishing line outside The Albany pub in Thames Ditton. The organisers released some 165,000 ducks from Hampton Court Bridge which then floated down river. A friend of mine who lives in T.D. was very dissapointed that they turned out to be plastic ducks not real ones. He also said the whole event was a bit of an anti-climax. Still I guess charity's the winner.

I sponsored a duck, he was number 5865. He didn't win. I had hoped for some inter-FFC website fun with Rich at CCN and Si at TFI both sponsoring ducks as well, however, having checked the website it seems they only recorded the finishing positions of the first 30 ducks. I don't know if the CCN or TFI ducks are in there, so for now the title of "Fulham F.C. Fansite Duck Racing Champion" remains unclaimed.

For those of you still interested here are the official results lifted from

We are pleased to announce the winning ducks are:157791, 23300, 107146

The remaining 27 prize winners are:

23495, 8427, 32707, 5932, 39440, 88491, 81462, 51777, 46791, 19035, 85596, 108095, 91601, 73853, 57887, 26171, 119323, 121924, 107176, 78914, 82033, 27292, 66495, 48203, 53664, 37230, 90857, 55204


Anonymous said...

how do you know where yours finished, Chopper?


Anonymous said...

there's something fishy about this. We early adopters (mine and Hades were 6037 and 6038) were clearly not at the races: only one duck (80something) from the earlier numbers was placed. Which suggests we were at the bottom of the container and released last or something. I feel let down.


Chopper said...

Yep - I was dissappointed as well. I don't know where mine came either they only seem to have bothered with the first 30 which won prizes. I guess counting 165,000 ducks was too much to ask.

bq said...

That is one big freaking duck. How'd you guys grow them so big over in the U.K.?

Seriously, seems as if they should have a better way of doing this. But as you say, the charity is what's important anyway. But still, would have been fun for some banter back and forth between the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Never mind the charity, Brian, this was a serious race! And yet.. and yet... amateurs!


(joking throughout this discussion, lest anyone is concerned on my behalf)

Anonymous said...

My friend who lives in T.D. went up to the organiser's after it had all finished to ask if his 4 month old son could have a duck. They told him "No. They're all numbered!". So he waited for a while and fished one out of the river when they weren't looking!

Anonymous said...

That was me btw ^