Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let's all laugh at Chelsea!

It's hard to resist having a little chuckle at the misfortune that has befallen the other team in the borough. First they lose at Villa, thanks in part to our erstwhile defensive scapegoat Zat Knight, then they can only manage a draw at home to Norwegian "minnows" Rosenborg (a game that saw some 17,000 empty seats at the Dog Track!) and now "The Special One" has left them high and dry. All that just before they play Manchester United too.

How will it effect us though? They've already announced Avram Grant as new manager, a close friend of the Russian and someone already employed by the club as Director of Football. Whether his appointment was just an interim position so that he was ready to step in to the breech when Mourinho inevitably moved on is unknown. Grant doesn't have the most impressive of CV's. He coached both Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Haifa (among several other Isreali sides) before taking over as national team coach of Israel in May 2002. Israel finished third in 2006 World Cup qualifying Group 4 and thus missed out on qualification for the finals. Grant has a reputation for playing a conservative style of football based more on defensive solidness than attacking flare. With the depth of squad the Blue Poo have though, even Brian Robson could achieve a fairly decent Premiership finish, so maybe the upheaval won't make too much difference. I do think we'll be playing them at a good time though, and would expect Sanchez to ensure our team is really up for the sort of game the Chavs won't relish.

In case you needed another reason to dislike them here's a picture my Arsenal pal DT sent me of nasty John Terry picking on poor put upon Ashley Cole.


Anonymous said...

oh dear. well I guess if your fulham you need to celebrate something

Chopper said...

Ha - Didn't even think about this getting picked up by the Chelsea page of NewsNow.

It's not too late to leave the Dark Side and join the original team in the borough - I reckon you'll see more entertaining football at the Cottage now.

Anonymous said...

How will this affect Fulham you ask.

Well it won't will it. You'll always end up at the other end of the table no matter what

Anonymous said...

Chopper obviously touches a raw nerve for someone to make two comments within less than an hour. I think he (chopper) is right we shall see more entertaining football at the Cottage, but then I think we always have! There is an attitude among the players at the dog track which I don't like to see, and without naming names they all seem to be money orientated, from the Chairman down, no wonder Lampard got upset at not receiving similar reward to Terry for his efforts, after all he has been missed most from the team's line-up, but then he was trained in the art of football at West Ham, where some real footballers came from in the good old days!

Chopper's Dad

Brian said...

Nice one Chopper's Dad!!!!!