Monday, September 17, 2007

Wigan 1 Fulham 1 - Post match reaction

A Saturday night down at the Grey Horse in Kingston to see "Feltham's greatest covers band" The Phantoms (Mark the Singer is also a Fulham fan, so you might want to check them out next time they play) meant I not only missed Match of the Day on Saturday night, but also on Sunday morning, and in desperate need of an early night failed to catch Match of the Day 2. I have, therefore, only just caught up with the game via the rather excellent Virgin Media match highlights. Based on that and the various reports I have read it sounds like we had a real go and were unlucky not to claim all three points. Whilst it would be easy to point the finger at Bouazza for giving away a needless penalty, it sounds like had we been more ruthless up front we'd have had the game won long before.

Seeing as how I don't have much to add here's what my Dad thought of the game; "Having seen the highlights on Sky I would say Fulham played the best game of football I have seen since Lawrie Sanchez took over as manager. We should have been 3 - 0 up before Wigan scored their equalizer and if we had been maybe the penalty would not have happened. It's the first time that Konchesky has impressed me with his performance, perhaps he had not had sufficient opportunity to get really acquainted with the rest of the team in his previous outings? Bocanegra showed some quality in his leadership of the team and although Dempsey made a good job of the goal he scored I thought his other two efforts were a little on the weak side, he could have been the proud owner of a hat-trick and I think should have been!"

It seems to me we have improved in a lot of areas already but we need to start adding results to the performances. The arrival of Aaron Hughes to our backline must be a good thing and I'm looking forward to seeing what difference he might make when we play City on Saturday. Brian over at Craven Cottage Newsround reckons we'll also see Seol Ki-Hyeon replace Bouazza on the left wing and I think he's probably right. I think Bouazza was signed primarily as a striker, and whilst I've been impressed with his attacking play down the left I think Seol will over more to the team in terms of his all round game. Really pleased to see Clinton (as the BBC seem to persist in calling him) getting on the scoresheet again, and even if he did miss a couple of good chances at least he's getting in the position to do so.


Brian said...

Thanks for the hat tip Chopper.

As for Clinton, it really is a bit more proper and British is it not? However, not really very fitting for a lad from Nacogdoches Texas.I've used the name before also, but more as a joke. Sounds more like something his mother would call to him when he was in trouble as a youth.

"Clinton, did you spill the milk and not clean it up!"

or for us Fulham followers-

"Clinton, did you swipe at the ball and miss again! I'm tellen you, I'd better not see that again."

Chopper said...

Absolutely! I think I am going to call him Clinton from now on though, it makes me smile. Lord Clinton Dempsey, Third Earl of Nacogdoches.

Brian said...

"Lord Clinton Dempsey, Third Earl of Nacogdoches"


That could also be his new rap name:

LCD ... Third Earl of Nacogdoches

Oh yea, I'm liken this one.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree on the missed chances. Granted, I'm the world's great Clint apologist (but I've been proved right, I think! mwahahahahaha, etc), but still.

The first saw him advancing on goal with one defender there. He laid off a poorish ball to Bouazza, who retrieved the situation with a terrific pass back. Dempsey's first touch was good but Kirkland was off his line in a flash. Dempsey shot, Kirkland blocked. It happens all the time, and you're not going to go round passing blame on that basis.

The second was harder: Smertin fired a shot across goal but completely mishit it. Dempsey had his back to goal and with the ball flashing across him tried to do one of those reverse back-heel flicky type things. Didn't quite work. He might have tried to control, turn and bury (as Healy did against Boro, if memory serves me correctly) but he didn't. Either way, a chance, yes, but not a clear one.

I guess that's just tabloid journos and their black or white agenda.


Chopper said...

I do agree about the second chance Rich, but I think he could have done better with the first one. Still as he said himself, one goal from three chances is pretty good, and at least Dempsey's finding the opportunities.

PointlessPeasant said...

Wow, finally another Fulham blog, and a good one too! Having said that I have to disagree with you on Bouazza, I think he's a little light for our squad.

As for Clinton, I think that sounds a lot more American if you put a random initial between or in front of his names. 'Clinton J. Dempsey' could be the next President's name, or how about 'F. Clinton Dempsey', which sounds exactly like some early, bigheaded novellist.

Anyway, great site, if you ever have the chance, stop by my own 'F Side'-blog, ( and I promise I'll start updating it more regularly. Probably.

Chopper said...

Thanks Joe - I'll add a link to the F Side as well. Good luck with the blog.