Monday, September 17, 2007

Who Ate All The Pies?

I'm off to play touch rugby tomorrow so probably won't get around to posting. However, it looks like I'm about to claim my fifteen minutes of fame! I contacted the humorous football blog Who Ate All The Pies? a while ago with my suggestion of the Eduardo/El De Barge lookalike and they've just published it, along with a nice mention for the Chronicle. Check it out at the link below.

In more linkage news Richard of Craven Cottage Newsround has been interviewed by Fulham USA about The Fulham Review which has just been re-published in a more deluxe format. The Review is a great record of an appalling season. Richard’s matchday reports are interspersed with Martin Kane’s humorous perspectives on events from a Southend supporter's perspective. Bruce McGuire of adds his thoughts on the American contingent and there might even be a bit from me about the departure of Steed and Luis Bo (unless it got cut!). Richard and his friends will be dotted around the ground on Saturday selling copies so pop over and say hello.

There you go, if you don't have anything useful to say, link to someone who does! See you Wednesday.


Brian said...

Happened to see the separated at birth type post at WAATP yesterday. Congrats on that!

Don't be turning an ankle or anything now. And worst yet, don't get the dreaded British "dead leg". Something us yanks have a laugh at when ever we hear it called that.

Chopper said...

Thanks Brian. I survived. In fact both our teams got through to the semi-finals. I was in the B-side and we got hammered by the eventual winners. Good day though and I even managed 2 tries.

Brian said...


We all need a run out now and then.