Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fulham 1 Bolton 2 (aet) - Match Reaction

Glum. There's not really much more I can say about last night's result. It's a football truism that you can play the same team several times in a row and get a different result every time. Bolton are seemingly turning the corner under Sammy Lee and I had a sneaking suspicion we'd struggle to beat them.

I wasn't there, though I probably spent my time just as fruitlessly stuck at work. I left having achieved very little other than prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the aging tape drive recently returned from the manufacturer was indeed still broken. Already too late to see the first episode of the Heroes double bill, I got in my car in time to hear Bolton score their first goal to take a 1-0 lead. Great. It seems despite fielding a strong side Sanchez tried a different formation which didn't quite work, and then, despite reverting to 4-4-2, though possibly aided by some dodgy decisions, we still didn't have quite enough to win the game. Murphy, Seol & Keller all got starts, though probably only Keller really did well. In the 23 seconds of highlights ITV managed to provide at very-late-o'clock, I saw Seol provide a bit of magic to create our goal and Baird (who apparently did OK) manage to be implicate himself in the conceding Bolton's first goal.

There's a good report by Richard at Craven Cottage Newsround, a couple by Rob at Following The Fulham and another good report in The Times.

Despite all this I still feel strangely positive about the trip to Walham Green Dog Track on Saturday. They cruised past a decent Hull side (featuring J J Okacha and Henrick Pedersen) 4-0 and managed to rest a number of players whilst doing so. All the signs are that we're in for a bit of a tonking but I fancy us to surprise everyone and pull off a good result.

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