Friday, September 21, 2007

The Fulham Review - On sale tomorrow

Remiss of me not to mention that The Fulham Review will be on sale outside the ground tomorrow. Richard of Craven Cottage Newsround and his friend Martin wrote a book covering Fulham's 2006/07 season. It featured match reports from every game, interspersed with other essays on Fulham's season and what it was like watching it. It fell into the hands of Matthew Crockatt of Crockatt & Powell booksellers. Matthew’s a Fulham season ticket holder and liked what he saw, so, with Adam (Powell) decided to publish the thing. It’s taken a while to get things printed, but the books are now available. Richard and Martin and a few others should be dotted around outside the ground tomorrow, so pop over and pick up a book from them for a very reasonable £5.00.


Anonymous said...

cheers, Chop. We had a good day, met a few people who had heard about what we were up to and generally had a good time. Interviewed for Swedish TV, and Setanta wanted us to do a 'moment' where we did market stally type GETYOURFULHAMREVIEWSHEREFIVEPOUNDS but I don't think that would've got on... we were bad at that!

nice to meet Rob from Following the Fulham too. Names and faces, etc. Terrific.

PS you missed a great game!

Chopper said...

Excellent - I actually made the game. Sat down and we scored our 1st goal!

Anonymous said...

Rich. Don't know where you were located but I arrived earlyish but could not find you so am now leaving it to Chopper to get hold of a copy for me! Thought that apart from Kamara, and new boy Seol Ki-Hyeon, the team were two yards slow off the mark, particularly in defence, we really should have had the game tied up and given Man. C. a "bloody nose" still as someone said on 909 radio afterwards "it's the team I support not the manager" he was talking about the other team in the borough and the departure of Mr M. mind at £18.5m I'd walk wouldn't you!!

Chopper's Dad