Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lazy midweek hyperlink based roundup

I'm writing this on Tuesday evening, and to be honest could do with an early night. "Flight of the Conchords" is on BBC4 in about ten minutes and I really want to see that as I missed it last week. These are my excuses for what is generally just a bunch of links you may well have seen or read already. I'm sorry. I'll try and write something more dynamic tomorrow. Possibly.

Moritz Volz continues to set himself up for a decent career in journalism when he eventually retires from football. In his weekly column in the Times he discusses the issues surrounding the May Day for Nurses appeal. The Times also dug up another interesting statistic suggesting that if the scores at half time had been taken as the results Fulham would be third in the league. I'm really not sure what that says about us.

Martin Jol has been tenuously linked with Fulham this week. The reports were based on this article in the Guardian which says that Jol "has attracted interest from PSV Eindhoven, but would prefer to remain in the Premier League, with Fulham one potential new employer. Lawrie Sanchez is under pressure at Craven Cottage, having won two of 16 League games since replacing Chris Coleman. The surprise choice of managing director David McNally last April, Sanchez was recently called into Harrods to explain Fulham's under-performance to owner Mohamed Fayed". Now that could just be journalistic supposition or possibly someone friendly with Jol throwing his hat into the ring. Either way it's nothing to get excited about yet.

Despite the increasing pressure on Sanchez there are plenty of stories suggesting that we are already preparing for further signings in January. Lafferty, Zamora and Kisnorbo have all been mentioned recently but the one story that did give me a chuckle was that Terry Gibson had been sent to check out a number of Slavia Prague players in their Champions League match against Arsenal but having witnessed Slavia's 7-0 humbling it was unlikely we'd be following any of them any further.

Right, I'm off to renew my subscription to Novelty Music Scene magazine.

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