Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thinking positive

I had a nice day yesterday. It's half term so I was at home with my eldest, and we took one of his school friends over to Sandown to play Golf. It was a chilly day but sunny, the type of typically British autumn mornings I really love. Ben, without me nagging in his ear about keeping his eye on the ball, played the best golf I've seen him play. He hit one drive so well he sheared the plastic tee in two. The shot was dead straight and right down the middle of the fairway. Meanwhile his pal, who hadn't played as often, had to suffer me attempting to "help" him out and subsequently spent a lot more time in the rough ... lesson learnt there I think! Back at our house they had a quick lunch and then went upstairs to play. They were so well behaved I had to go up and check on them a couple of times just to feel I was making the effort.

This gave me some time to myself I wasn't expecting and I had time to read some other people's perspectives of the Fulham situation. There's a lot of doom and gloom about, understandably, but what really took my notice where those people who were being more positive about where we're at. I don't think any one is happy right now, but there are a few who rightly point out that it is still early days, and however bad we are there are at least seven other teams in exactly the same boat. Sanchez is no fool and he will realise exactly what he needs to achieve to keep his job. We have to take each game as it comes and the next match at Sunderland is going to be a tough one. I'm not anticipating a magic turn around in fortune, but a point up there would be a small step along the road to recovery.

Kasey Keller won't be back for sometime having collected a
freak training ground injury that may require surgery. He's likely to be unavailable for some three to four months, which makes Anti Niemi's man of the match performance on Saturday all the more significant. Unfortunately it does leave us back at square one regarding our back up 'keeper, but hopefully Niemi can continue to play the way he did against Derby.

Tonight the reserves take on West Ham at Motspur Park. Kick off is 7:00 if you fancy heading along. I don't think I'll make it now but will report back on the result sometime tomorrow.

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