Sunday, October 21, 2007

Brassed off!

In case you were wondering, yes I am pretty fed up after a fairly dismal weekend of sport. I'll depress you with the full Derby match report tomorrow but suffice to say, if you weren't there, it was another disappointing performance. It certainly added credence to my suggestion on Friday that we are in effect just another promoted side and in the same scrap as Derby, Sunderland and Birmingham just to stay in the division. Bizarrely, despite the result we have jumped to 13th in the table but there's no doubt in my mind now that we're in for a fight to survive.

I watched the Rugby World Cup final and whilst England didn't quite have enough to overcome South Africa I was mightily impressed with the passion and commitment they showed in striving to achieve an historic second World Cup in a row. If Fulham could show the same level of passion and commitment we'd be in a much better place. South Africa were unable to show the thrilling game that had got them so far in the tournament but still had just enough to outscore us. Had that try been allowed maybe the story would have been different but I don't actually think so. I'm proud of the way we defended our title and hope Brian Ashton now gets the opportunity to build a side that can match the flair of the Southern Hemisphere sides.

To round off an abject weekend, Lewis Hamilton failed to become the first rookie to win the F1 Driver's Championship and McLaren were left ruing some poor decision making as Kimi Raikkonnen came from nowhere to become the third Fin to win the title.

Hey ho. It's half term next week so apart from tomorrow's report I may not have much to say. It's up to Sunderland next Saturday ... I'm not very hopeful.

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Rob said...

I echo all your sentiments Chopper - plus adding in the hangover from the midweek debacle over in Russia. Funny how things looked so positive a week ago eh?

What I find most bizarre is that I left the Cottage on Saturday in one of the darkest moods I can recall - and that was with a point earned and five places climbed up the table...bizarre.

The media probably won't understand such a view but we who were there know how outplayed we were and that's what's making me worry...