Friday, October 12, 2007

Cookie Watch # 5

I haven't checked on Chris Coleman's progress with Real Sociedad for a while so when I noticed the Daily Mail had another Postcard from San Sebastian up I figured I'd take another look. In the short article Coleman sounds like he's finding being away from home pretty tough, however, things are definitely looking up for the team and Sociedad are now looking more comfortable in 5th place. Since my last post they have won both home games (2-1 against Elche C.F. and 1-0 against Albecete) and managed a 1-1 draw at Xerez. They're next three matches are pretty tough though, playing at the teams in 2nd, 3rd and 4th spot. The home game with Sporting Gijon sandwiched between matches at Numancia and Racing Ferrol.

It's been a pretty quiet week due to the Internationals and me finding myself unusually occupied at work. I'm looking forward to the England Football/Rugby double header this weekend. Will be shocked if the Footy side fails to overcome Estonia but I reckon they've got a tough task ahead of them in Russia. I'm hoping we'll see Gareth Barry continue alongside Gerrard, and that Michael Owen doesn't rupture something before the 90 minutes are up. I suspect that Rooney will play up front with Micky O though that's not a pairing I'm keen on. I'd prefer to see a bit of balance, and Owen play with someone he can work together with. It's a desperate shame that Dean Ashton is injured again as I'd really like to see him make his mark for England. In his and Heskey's absence I guess Peter Crouch is the only alternative but I'd be amazed if McLaren picked the ex-Rangers beanpole to start.

Have a great weekend, come on England(s)!

UPDATE: Thanks to White Noise at TFi for providing this link to Coleman's Postcard from San Sebastian No. 10 just to keep things ticking over until I have time to post something worth reading.

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