Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sanchez vs Coleman - The story so far

When I start to get a bit worried about how things are going I like to see how our results compare with the previous season. Nine games and almost a quarter of a season gone seemed like a good time to take stock of where we stand. We have seen some entertaining football so far and in many areas I think we have improved as a team but there's a big concern that we're not picking up enough points. My theory was that by looking at how well we did against the same teams last year I might draw a different picture of how well the season is going.

Comparing our results against the same teams last term we are 2 points worse off, which I guess isn't quite as bad as it seems but is still disappointing. However comparing our results against the first nine games of last season shows we are 6 points worse off. Thinking back to last October, I guess the results had been pretty good and it was probably not until Christmas that we started to really go into decline. Our results and performances from then on were appalling and culminated in Coleman's sacking. There was a definite feeling of complacency, and Sanchez needs to ensure that his team does not fail to realise our current predicament and fall into the same trap. There's no doubt our next three matches are crucial. We only managed 5 points against the promoted teams last time around and Reading did the double over us, so if we can pick up a couple of wins I'll be feeling a lot happier. I'm not sure if I've actually proved anything here but maybe there is a bit of hope after all. Then again I could just be clutching at straws.


Anonymous said...

Good work Chopper, i certainly don`t think you have wasted your time here with your comparison.
I believe your two points behind compared to the same teams played is a better gauge of how we are doing simply because of how the fixtures (teams)pan out from the fixture computer.
I still think our season cannot kick off until Xmas when super Jimmy returns and the expectation of what Cook will do, not forgetting also what will probably be Super-mac`s swansong if he get`s TO return.

Chopper said...

Cheers Martin. I agree Jimmy B's return could make a difference and equally Brian McBride's. I'm still worried about our lack of a ball winner but hopefully this weekend will set us down the right track again.