Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bexhill or bust

As the team head up North to face Sunderland at the Stadium of Light, I'll be heading the opposite direction to see my Dad in sunny Bexhill. That means I've not got time to write a preview of the Sunderland game. Rob's got two excellent pieces up on Following the Fulham including his regular and always interesting interview with opposition fans and Rich has a short summary of the likely Fulham team at Craven Cottage Newsround .

One quick item that caught my attention. A quote from the
Mihir Bose BBC football blog that suggests the Spurs board have been playing the same game with statistics that we have this week!

"A measure of their desperation was that the board also pored over statistics - one doing the rounds was that Spurs were one point and four goals down on the corresponding fixtures last season.

"That's fixtures, not the corresponding time of the season. They were clutching at straws."

Dad's got Sky so I should get to see some decent highlights this week. I have a nagging feeling though that I might not want to bother.

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