Monday, October 01, 2007

Mid-morning tea break

A quick cup of tea and a trawl through the Internet revealed some interesting headlines today.

On Sky they have some quotes from Mohammed Al Fayed stating that he is still committed to the club and hopes to stay for many more years. He also backs Lawrie Sanchez stating that "[he] is doing a great job. I'm encouraging him, I'm behind him. He's spent a lot of my money this season, but I don't regret it because we have a good team now. He's intelligent, he's committed, and he wants to prove himself. I'm behind him and I hope we finish in the top ten". Sky also confirm Fulham's position as best team in the borough by reporting on the dismissal of John Gregory as QPR boss and fragile little John Terry's hope to recover from his cheek surgery in time to play in Wednesday's Champions League tie.

Who Ate All the Pies round up the weekends action with a fitting picture of a bunch of Ch*ls** fans realising they might have picked the wrong team in Hammersmith & Fulham to support. The Times just about manage to mention Fulham in their report on Saturday's goalless draw. They seemed to feel it was more important to twist the knife a little more rather than actually report on the match. The Guardian manage a little more football discussion but still revel in the chaos that has enveloped Walham Green of late. Finally the stateside view from ESPN and an excellent report from Tom Willie on FulhamUSA.

Better crack on with some work then, I thinkit's going to be a good week. Now, there must be a Ch*ls** supporter nearby in need of some system support ...

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