Monday, August 06, 2007

Van der Saaaaaar!!!

Not being petty or small minded but former Fulham hero Edwinn van der Sar saved three shoot-out penalties in a row to defeat Ch*ls** in the Charity Shield yesterday. Well done Edwinn we still love you! Chav fans ...


The Chavs also have a mounting injury list.

Ok - I am being petty and small minded.


Lee Henshaw said...

Hello there,

I am the publicist for a company called vzaar.

At our website,, you can attach video to your eBay listings.

We’re currently have a video of the signed shirt that Moritz has donated to charity.

There are 8 days left until the bidding ends.

You can watch the video here.

I am writing to discover if you would consider writing a news story about the availability of this signed shirt, and including a link to the video.

You can use an embeded link if you wish to include the video in your story.

Kind Regards,

Lee Henshaw.

bq said...

Absolutely you are and I couldn't agree more! Ha

DT said...

Publicity? WTF?!!? I remember when THEC hadn't sold out to the corporates and was just a beautiful Fulham blog. Oh how times change.

I'm just kidding. It's for charidy, mate - do it now! Volzy is a geezer though in't he?

Been speaking to the Left Back. He's a nice guy. Still no link though. Boo!

It's hard to have any emotion other than pure hate regarding the Community Shield. You are small minded though. But that's 'cos Lawrie's glasses are to tight for you...

Chopper said...

Lee - I have indeed posted a message regarding the Volzy auction despite the frankly bizarre video. Best of luck with it.

DT - You see that's the power you can achieve when your receiving in excess of 60 reader's a day! One day maybe you too could achieve such a massive circulation.