Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kamara D scores, Kamara C goes loopy.

Sanchez proved true to his words that he would be taking the cups seriously and fielded a strong side (likely to be the same, other than Keller replacing Warner in goal, that takes on Spurs on Saturday) which in the end proved good enough to win the tie and see us through to the third round. There’s a decent report on The Daily Telegraph’s site. Good to see Kamara getting his first “proper” goal for the club and Volz getting a decent run out ahead of Saturday. Volz will almost certainly play due to Chris Baird’s suspension and with several papers reporting that Zat is on his way to Villa I guess Ian Pearce is the most likely candidate to fill the vacant centre back slot. With both Sunderland (3-0 losers to Luton Town) and Derby (beaten by Blackpool on penalties) going out last night, any sort of win is not to be sniffed at. I think Shrewsbury could have a very good season and Gary Peter’s decision to field a very young side shows they are not just looking at short term success.

The Reserves kick off their season on Thursday night at home to Arsenal, so following that I will try and report back on how they do and who plays. Lots of last minute transfer rumours flying about. It seems there is a good chance we’ll see three players leave and three players join before the end of the window. Check out
TFI, Craven Cottage Newsround, and Following The Fulham for the latest news.

There’s a good chance I won’t be posting again until the weekend for reasons that those who know me will understand, but while I’m away here’s a little video, of Sky Sport’s presenter Chris Kamara doing his nut over the Healy goal that never was, that should put a smile on your face.


bq said...

Hope everything goes well for you and your family Chopper. Tell you father that we all said hi and wish him our best.

bq said...

That video is way too funny. I would have thought it to be a spoof. Thanks for that.

Chopper said...

Thanks BQ.

The Kamara vid had me laughing out loud at work today!