Friday, August 03, 2007

Prole Art Threat

The Fulham FC Community Sports Trust is one of the beneficiary charities of the Great British Duck Race. I have reproduced below the official club statement explaining what this is all about. Any way I thought this would be a good opportunity to have a bit of "inter Fulham fan site" fun. I have sponsored a duck in the name of The Hammy End Chronicle, and likewise Rich has sponsored a duck for Craven Cottage Newsround and Si has sponsored one for TFI. Actually Rich and Si have sponsored two ducks each, hmm, maybe I need to get another one too? Anyway the idea is we have a mini race, amongst the thousands of other ducks involved, and hopefully one of us will be crowned "Official Unofficial Fulham Fan Website Duck Racing Champion" or something, which I'm sure you'd agree is a title worth having! The race is on the Thames near Hampton Court, which is not far from me, so if all goes to plan I'll pop along and get some pictures of full on duck racing action (am I taking this all a bit too far do you think?). Here's the official explanation.

Fulham FC Community Sports Trust is proud to be a beneficiary charity of the Great British Duck Race.

Please support us in raising funds for our disability programme which offers much needed sporting opportunities for young disabled people. We deliver positive and inclusive programmes across a number of disabilities, including Downs Syndrome, Deaf, Visually Impaired and Mild and Severe learning difficulties.Each year we carry out a number of fund raising events to grow the programme of work we carry out with disadvantaged groups in South London and Surrey.

On Sunday 2nd September 2007, 165,000 rubber ducks will be sent down a 1km stretch of the river Thames near Hampton Court Palace and in doing so, will set a new World Record and raise £500,000 for UK charities!

So why not adopt a duck for Fulham FC CST! It costs just £2 to adopt a duck (which includes a donation to charity) plus a recommended donation of £3 per duck which comes directly to Fulham FC CST. Every duck entered has the chance to win a massive £10,000 or one of 30 other great prizes.

Become a Record Breaker - adopt a duck today and help a very worthy cause. To adopt a duck and support Fulham FC CST just click into

The Great British Duck Race will do the rest. You are not restricted to one duck, buy as many as you like and tell your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances the more ducks you have, the greater difference you make.

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DT said...

Duck racing? Whatever next. Well done though to you (and the other two) for your charidy work, mate. Not 'alf.

I'm still not talking to you btw...oh.