Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Team Sheet and Statistics Chart

This is just a test run to see if this works. I wanted to create something a bit like the back page of the programme whereby you could see at a glance who played what game and in what position. Not sure if this really works mainly due to the limitations of width. There's a direct link to the spreadsheet at the bottom of the post as well. This test is based on the games I went to last season (check that goals scored column!) but if I think it's worth doing I'll try and maintain one for every match this season. Let me know what you think - good or bad!


Comments are welcome either via this blog or via my email which you should be able to get from my profile page.


bq said...

Wow! That is really cool!

Another cool feature of Google stuff is their calendars. My local team here in MN are the Thunder. One of our supporters has made a calendar for the mens and women's team. I'm a mac user so it's really simple for me to subscribe and have all those dates show up in my I-cal, though it can be used on some PC calendar programs also. I believe Entourage works.


Looks like someone has started a Fulham calendar but not finished it. If someone had the time to put in all the fixtures that would be a fantastic way to keep track of the team.

Chopper said...

Thanks BQ, I'll check out that calendar and see if we can use it.

DT said...

I like it, but it does seem a little cramped. You could narrow the columns for home & away by using 'H' & 'A', narrow the oppo column and reformat the date to dd/mm/yy.

Also, using squad numbers (with a key - marginalia baby!) would save space in the player columns too.

It's funny, as I was thinking of doing one of these for this summer's transfers - perhaps I will do one for the games as well (using my own brilliant suggestions of course!)

Going to try and send you the interview Q's tonight too.

DT said...

There's a spider on my wall.

It makes me wonder; do spiders poo?

Chopper said...

DT - Thanks for the suggestions. I did think about narrowing it down but like having the full name of the player in which means it's going to be too long for the post width anyway. I belive spiders must poo but it's probably too fine for human eyes to detect.

bq said...


Spiders do indeed poo. They poo a fine silk like material, sometimes called a web, unlike the "web" you are on right now and reading this from. That would be called "The internets", as G.W. Bush would say, moron that he is. But then again, my comment sound quite moronish also.

(Note to chopper) Is moranish a word? Is "internets" (as in more than one internet) a word.


"In truth, spiders do not have separate urine and feces, and their droppings consist largely of guanine, which is a component of DNA and found in all living things; highly unlikely to cause any skin reaction!"

I have far too much time on my hands!

Chopper, hope you and your family are getting along.

Chopper said...

Wow - BQ somehow I think you and DT would get along really well! As far as I am concerned "ish" can be added to the end of just about any word and be correct or maybe even correctish!