Monday, August 20, 2007

Stat Attack!

One of the reasons I started writing this blog was to act as a way of storing the facts and figures about the games I saw. My memory for football matches is really atrocious and I constantly find myself failing to recall anything at all about many of the biggest games I have attended. Below are a number of spreadsheets I plan to maintain throughout the season. There's a link for each one under the preview section and I will also add permanent links under the Chronicle Features section on the right hand menu strip. Comments are always welcome, either regarding the format or accuracy. I hope you might find them useful as the season pans out.

Fulham Team Sheet 2007/08

Fulham Goalscorers 2007/08

Fulham Bad Boys 2007/08


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be able to let Healy 2 stand there. It's 3! Dammit. I'm still angry. There would've been something very beautiful about him getting 3 from 3 and the prospect of him going all Clive Allen is more than a little exciting. Oh well.


Chopper said...

You know after the game I was fairly philosphical about what happened. Even having seen the evidence I feel the reason we didn't get any points from the match were as much down to our own mistakes as those of the ref.

I am cheesed off though. Losing McBride is a serious problem, and the Bouazza injury doesn't help much either. Time for Lawrie to show us waht he's made of.

jimmy_bronze said...

i don't think Healy will be going 'all Clive Allen'.

Mick Quinn is more likely.

Jelly said...

Looks like you'll have to add an injured list to your spreadsheet!

Chopper said...

Jelly - I did consider it! I didn't want to make that information quite so easy to find though, figure however few readers I actually get, the club might not be too pleased with that sort of information being easily available. I have got a squad list though which I'll be putting up fairly soon.

Jimmy B - you never know, I might have said I thought Healy was carrying a bit of weight but I don't think he'd manage Quinn like proportions!