Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sanchez - Enough already!

Whilst his time at Fulham is not one I think many of us will look back fondly on, and despite the fact I was very keen for him to go before he eventually got the sack, I've not felt any great level of hatred for Lawrie Sanchez. I was disappointed he hadn't lived up to his own billing. I was a bit annoyed with his apparent arrogance regarding his responsibility for our failures. But I didn't hate him - Alan Dicks, Don McKaye, Bobby Campbell - those are managers I disliked. However recent comments in the media, whilst they may just be an attempt to keep his name in the frame for another job, have begun to really rile me, and yesterday I discovered this story thanks to FulhamWeb.

Sanchez says "The reason I was appointed was because the team had won only two games towards the end of last season. It was not as if they were flying high. Fulham thought they were going to get relegated but I came in and got them the points to keep them up". Well I agree that is factually correct but we all know you only actually managed to gain a point against Blackburn and a very lucky win against Liverpool (Mr Fowler - the cheque is most definitely in the post!). A grand total of 38 points. With hindsight I reckon Coleman would have achieved that.

"Having dropped into the bottom three for the first time I was then sacked having changed players - 15 in and 15 out. Any sensible person will tell you it takes time for a team to settle. Why undertake the rebuilding of a team if you are not going to see it through? The ironic thing is that I was sacked when they were one point in the relegation zone and now they are five points from safety". This seems to be trying to suggest that Roy Hodgson has actually made things worse. We're not mugs Lawrie, we can see with our own eyes. Things have dramatically improved, Roy has already improved the squad, using less money than you did to wreck it. He might not save us from the drop but we're all more than happy that we'll be much better off with him at the helm wherever we end up next season.

"I am disappointed it ended the way it did at Fulham. I am also disappointed I gave up the Northern Ireland job. If I had been stronger, I would have done both jobs because at least I would still be considered a quality international manager". Now that's just bollocks and we all know it is. There was never an option to do both jobs. Had you been strong enough to turn down the vast sums of money Fulham were foolishly prepared to throw at you, you wouldn't have got the job. Instead you could have overseen Northen Ireland's failure to qualify for Euro 2008. I wish you'd have been a bit "stronger" as well, then maybe we wouldn't be in the mess we find ourselves now.

"It is disappointing I only survived for four months at Fulham. I only hope that those few months will not wreck my managerial career" Frankly Mr Sanchez, I am fast developing the opinion that I'd be more than glad to never see you work in football again. If you are capable of convincing someone of your "credentials" (winning goal in a cup final, Northen Ireland up 91 places in the world rankings, saved Fulham from relegation, completely destroyed a half-decent squad the following season) I'll watch on with no little enthusiasm if it all goes horribly wrong.

Rant over.


Coming or Cohen said...

Spot on. Sanchez destroyed a squad that needed changing but not wholesale uprooting. Then to replace with Championship standard players at vast expense because they played for him in Northern Ireland was both crass and shortsighted. Mr Sanchez will forever be known as inept failure at the Cottage and one would expect more humility or at least honesty.

chopper said...

Yep. I kind of understand his need to get back into a job, but it really rankles the way he is going about it. I think potential employers might actually be more impressed with someone who said - Yes, I made a few mistakes but I've learnt from them and think I can do a better job next time.

Oh and nice user name too!

Anonymous said...

I like your report and the comment it received. You will recall I did not think Sanchez was the right person for Fulham Manager at the very beginning of his appointment and as you so rightly say Chris Coleman could so easily achieved the points necessary to save our Premiership last season and had he been given the finance LS had made available to him I am sure that despite the two serious injuries (to McBride and Jimmy Bullard) I believe he would have ensured we were in a better situation, despite the other injuries which occurred throughout the season, and certainly would not have disposed of experienced Premiership players and replaced them with Championship ones. If we do get relegated then I believe it will be Sanchez's fault as much as anyone, and Roy Hodgson will be more likely to bring about a prompt return. Meanwhile, in the words of a Chinese proverb, "It's better to travel hopefully than to arrive", we have eleven matches to pull the chestnuts out of the fire and there are other teams who's situation is as perilous as ours. We just need to find our way to score goals and earn some points and hope that the others fail to do so!
Frankly I do not consider Sanchez as worthy of managership, certainly not the Premiership or even the Championship, in fact any club should only consider him if they are unable to pay a particularly high salary - I can think of a number of others whom I would give priority to.
Chopper's Dad