Saturday, February 23, 2008

Litmanen health concern

Spotted this slightly concerning news from the Guardian about Jari Litmanen on the BBC press gossip round up.

"Fulham's veteran striker Jari Litmanen, 37, is expected to return to training next week after recuperating at home in Finland after suffering heart palpitations"

Hope this isn't too serious, we've seen too many footballers lives cut short in the last few years. I wasn't expecting more than the odd cameo appearance from Jari, but I'd still love to see him in a Fulham shirt, however brief it might be.


Rob said...

Good spot Chopper. Feel bad but i'd actually forgotten we had him on the books

Chopper said...

Cheers Rob - It's hard to know if Hodgson really thinks he could use him but, assuming this health scare isn't serious, he must be good to have in the squad.