Monday, February 04, 2008

Billy the Badger - Super Mascot strikes again

Billy was back in the limelight on Sunday having to be removed from the pitch by referee Chris Foy before the second half could kick off. He even got a mention on MOTD2, though oddly guest pundit Chris Coleman claimed not to remember him being there when he was in charge. Clearly Billy must have been a more reserved badger back then!


bq said...

Billy has certainly taken on the new Hodgson attitude no doubt. He is indeed a changed badger. If he's to be true to his animal traits then he must continue to badger and annoy the opposition, the refs or anyone else not affiliated with the club.

COYB - (badgers)

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Now I have the badger song in my head.

chopper said...

WTF! I have a feeling I've seen those badgers before - annoyingly hard to get out of your head. Thanks Adam.

chopper said...

Nice bit from the Sun via the Offal;

BILLY THE BADGER apologised to referee Chris Foy after being sent off during Fulham's 2-1 win over Aston Villa at Craven Cottage.

The Fulham mascot was escorted off the pitch by Foy after delaying the start of the second half on Sunday with his dancing exploits.

It was not the first time the badger has been in hot water this season. He recently riled Chelsea boss Avram Grant by giving him a hug.

Billy said: "I apologise to Mr Foy. I'm remorseful of my impromptu antics at the Villa game but badgers are hard of hearing and short of sight. Had I known that he was about to blow his whistle, I wouldn't have begun the break-dance routine.

"At the Chelsea game, I just wanted to cheer Avram up as he looked miserable after the first half, although my boss wasn't sure it did the trick."

Billy has not been censured by the club and will travel to Middlesbrough for Saturday's Premier League clash.

He said: "I'll be travelling on the train where I'll lead the support of the travelling fans to ensure they get behind the boys, and encourage a performance that will get us out of the relegation zone.

"I believe that the club can get out of trouble, but it'll take every Fulham fan getting behind the boys every game to help get the points we need.

"On matchdays, it's my job to make sure this happens. I'll do my best to behave on both the Riverside Express and at the Riverside Stadium.

"But if Fulham do win the match, I cannot be held responsible for any over-excited breakdancing celebrations that may occur."

bq said...

Ya I had seen that quote on the official also. I love it!

"I apologise to Mr Foy. I'm remorseful of my impromptu antics at the Villa game but badgers are hard of hearing and short of sight."