Friday, February 22, 2008

Cookie Watch (slight return)

Bizarrely I found out that Chris Coleman was going to be made the new manager at Coventry City on a golf course in Bexhill. It's old news now of course but I just wanted to wish him all the best. Inevitably he's brought in Steve Keane and was also reported to be trying to get Dave Beasant on board as well (There was talk he'd try to pick up Ian Pearce on loan, but I've just discovered big Ian has joined another new manager, Nigel Pearson, at Southampton instead). It'll be interesting to see how they fair, Coventry have a new stadium and new owners keen to see them back in the top division. If things don't work out for us we could even be playing them next year. Ironically about a year ago a wrote a post about my concerns that Fulham under Coleman were becoming the new Coventry, now Cookie has a chance to manage them for real!

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