Friday, November 30, 2007

Sanchez makes himself look stupid

I’ve been disappointed with Sanchez’ post match comments. I think he’s spent too much time looking for blame elsewhere, usually the refs. This Daily Mail article discusses his dossier of refereeing mistakes which he plans to send to referee supremo Keith Hackett. It's been done before Lawrie and I can't believe you really think it's going to make any difference. In my view it just shows Sanchez to be a bit of a tit. I’d much rather hear a manager take a few defeats on the chin and accept his own responsibility in the result. I don't mind the occasional rant of righteousness or better still a moment of unbridled anger (who can forget Coleman storming across the pitch at Middlesbrough ready to rip Uriah Rennie's head off) but not every week. You make your own luck and bad decisions normally even themselves out, get over it!

Rich has a slightly different view over at Craven Cottage Newsround and makes some excellent points about his possible reasons for doing this. I’ll try to listen with a fresh ear the next time I hear him speak.


Rob said...

I agree with you Chopper...Sanchez isn't doing himself any favours with his stroppy attitude. There's a very good reason why interviewers keep annoying him by asking him about the final 10 minutes - because that's when we keep throwing games away. What does he expect? My patience with him is running VERY thin.

Chopper said...

I'm trying hard to remain positive Rob. I don't believe he's the right man for the job in the long run, but I'm prepared to give him a little longer to prove me wrong.