Thursday, November 01, 2007

Delusions of Sanchez - Part 2

So prior to my earlier comments I had run another poll. Sixty one people voted, which is pretty good for this blog but probably not represenative of the global Fulham fan base. However, I'm not one to let actual voting numbers get in the way of an opportunity to do a bit of analysis and produce a colourful graph.

To try and get some more value from the figures I combined the voting options into three less rigid criteria. Basically sack him as soon as possible, give him until some point in December, or give him a much longer term. In doing so it makes it clearer that the majority view is to give Lawrie a bit more time to show he can improve but if he fails to do so get him out before the next transfer window. A fairly high 34% want him out now or fairly soon, interestingly this was much lower prior to the Sunderland game, and only 14% are confident enough to let him have longer.

Don't take this too seriously, I didn't really expect this poll to show any great sea change in Fulham opinion, and to some extent my tounge is firmly in cheek, but I think it is evident to everyone that something has to change if Sanchez is going to keep us in this division.

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