Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is it really over?

So, just like an annoying ex-girlfriend who you just can't shake off, it seems England still have one last chance to make it to the alter. Just when you thought you're best days were in the past, that there would be no more nights like the time David Platt volleyed home against Belgium, or Gazza dinked the ball over Colin Hendry, you're drawn back in to the relationship you thought you'd left behind. Somehow, not only did Israel manage a win over Russia, but Croatia lost to Macedonia. A point would see us through, a 2-0 win and we could top the group. Croatia have qualified but I'm sure they won't give us an easy game. We'll be missing Rooney, Owen, Terry and Ferdinand but maybe perversely that will make us stronger.

In many ways it's just prolonging the agony, as I can't see us doing very well in the finals, but I will be a lot happier if we're there than if we're not. I feel huge sympathy for Scotland who fell at the last hurdle and, whilst David Healy grabbed that scoring record with his 13th goal of the campaign, Northern Ireland are bizarrely going to need the luck of the English to qualify.


martintheveg said...

What a sign of the times that Northern Ireland now need "the luck of the English".
Having worked up in Jockland many years ago i can assure you i am well pleased they did not go through, they hate us with a vengence, don`t waste your time/sympathy wishing them well.

Chopper said...

I know you're right Martin. Maybe I'll feel better after Wednesday

Hammy-GAWA said...

Well looks like the people up in 'Jockland' are having the last laugh tonight.

Cant blame them either having to listen to this overhyped england team over and over.

Anonymous said...

Overhyped England? I think you're probably right, but we should be much better than we evidently are. Would have loved to see NI qualify they have been the stars of this qualifying campaign. Nice blog by the way I'll add a link to it as soon as I can.