Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kuqi Kuqi Coo

Tomorrow afternoon I have ten four year olds expected for my youngest son's birthday party so all things considered I won't be able to get a full match report out until Monday. Still I couldn't resist making some comment on today's game. It sure makes you feel a whole lot better when you've got a win to talk about. It wasn't the greatest of games and there was still a lot to be desired in our overall performance but at least we showed a bit more passion and a greater will to win. Of all the team the player that embodied that spirit most of all was Shefki Kuqi. Whilst clearly not the most skillful or most pacey or most spectacular of players it was evident from the moment he joined the fray (replacing the ineffectual Kamara) that he was a player who really wanted to impress. There were other positives as well. Dempsey continued to scrap for anything he could get, Simon Davies was at the heart of most of our attacking maneuvers and Aaron Hughes put in a lot of work to keep our back four together. There's still a lot of hard work to do but this was a much needed boost for everyone. For once I'm looking forward to Match of the Day tonight.


bq said...

I finally was able to view the game and Kuqi was HUGE! I was very impressed with his drive and desire to make a difference. I was also very pleased see Dempsey, after the initial goal celebration, spend a lot of time huddled around Kuqi. You could almost see him telling him that was actually Kuqi's goal. If there's one thing I've always hated, is the player who picks up the pieces of others handy work and then parades around the stadium as if their the maestro when they have only pouched a tap in.

I was watching Charlie Nicholas on Sky talk about how unconvincing Fulham were and that Reading were by far the better side in the second half. So as I stared watching the game I thought perhaps I would see a Reading dominated half, even though I knew the result. I'm not sure what Nicholas was seeing but it certainly wasn't what I saw. Reading certainly has some good chances but so did Fulham. The one counter ball played in by Davies just past Kamara's foot was sooooo close. Other chances also. I also saw Fulham with some good possession.

But I also saw Reading miss some chances from just outside the box that I thought they should have taken better and if they had, well then.

Over all a nice win to take into Anfield.

Chopper said...

I do agree with CN that Reading appeared to have a lot more possesion than us, and certainly retained the ball better, but as you point out most of their opportunities came from set pieces, whereas (largely thanks to Simon Davies) our chances came from open play. A very very important win.

comeonuwhites said...

Despite the euphoria of winning a game... at last! It was still not a particularly convincing performance. Jury's still definately out on Hughes, Murphy, Bouazza, Dempsey (despite 100% effort only limited ability!) and definately Kamara. Stefanovic, excellent against Reading, but has failed to impress in other matches. Stephen Davis needs Smertin back... and quickly! Kuqi - the new super sub? And Healy - please Sanchez give him a prolonged run in the side so we can see his real worth.

Found myself really depressed about it all on Saturday, particularly either side of half time when we were woeful (as bad as Derby definately) and questioning whether we were any better now than last season despite the big spend and new manager - and I don't think we are!!

Please God let Lawrie and the players prove me to be a negative, moany ol' git!!

Chopper said...

comeonuwhites - I totally agree it was still a poor performance, but I do think Hughes & Dempsey have been good, and Hughes was excellent on Saturday. I thought he really worked hard to help the entire back four out. I guess he's never going to be a stand out performer but I think he'll be mr reliable in defence for us. I also thought Davis had his best game for some time, the big problem is he needs somone more physical alongside him. Murphy was indeed fairly anonymous and I was very dissappointed in Kamara.