Friday, November 16, 2007

Cookie Watch #6

It's been a tough couple of weeks for Chris Coleman in Spain. Fulham Rookie on TFI picked up on some Spanish reports suggesting that Coleman had arrived 90 minutes late for a press conference in a somewhat dishevelled state initially claiming this was due to a problem with his home plumbing. The following day he was forced to admit that he had been out very late on the Thursday night with friends. Current Real Sociedad president Maria de la Pena is also due to be replaced and, believing his time to be limited, Coleman submitted his resignation but was turned down by the club.

Amid all this Chris has continued with his weekly postcards (links below) in the Daily Mail. Reading them it's clear he remains remarkably candid about his situation. It sounds like he is feeling a bit isolated. Living in a foreign country where he does not speak the language well and he is away from his wife and children. Not only that but he is trying to get a team of historic stature back on track with no funding to back him up. It was never going to be easy and right now it seems like everything is working out as many would have expected. Postcard 13 may be out next week I'll update this post when I get a link.

Postcard from San Sebastian No. 12

Postcard from San Sebastian No. 11

Postcard from San Sebastian No. 10

Since my last Cookie Watch Real have fallen to 13th in the league with the following results;
Lost 1-2 Away to Numancia
Lost 0-1 Home to Sporting Gijon
Drew 0-0 Away at Racing Ferrol
Drew 1-1 Away at Hercules
Drew 1-1 Home to Celta Vigo
The signs are not good, but there may be some hope in the current directors wanting Coleman to stay on. They always knew this was a long term project and maybe, if Chris can keep his nose clean and the board of directors aren't replaced, he can still achieve something special.

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