Sunday, November 11, 2007

Liverpool 2 Fulham 0 - Match reaction

The one time when I really miss having the Sky or Setanta sports channels is when Fulham are away from home. I've watched Match of the Day 2 and seen the goals but little else. I had a fairly busy Saturday and not wanting to jinx the result I tried to avoid checking on the game at all. I couldn't resist a quick peak though, and was happy to see us holding them 0-0 after an hour or so. With the kids fed and ready for bed I had another check on 70 minutes and we're still hanging in there. Great effort lads! I get ready for a night out with my pals and whilst doing so see we're still level on 80. Start thinking we could nab a point here. That would be a massive boost. Big mistake. Never count your chickens before the referee's blown for full time. All ready for a few beers and one final check on the score. F*%&! 2-0, Torres on 81, Gerrard on 86. B*££*<&s!

Went to a pub in Wimbledon, had a nice pint (or five) of Adnam's Broadside and a good chat with a group of friends I've know since primary school. One of them had been up to Stockport to see his non-league side Staines Town claim a very creditable 1-1 draw with County. He's a Derby supporter and took the news of their 5-0 humbling in good spirit. My best pal is a Southampton supporter, they also lost 5-0 and we met a Bristol City fan in the pub who'd been up to Ipswich to see his side lose 6-0. All in all by the time I get home I'm feeling a lot better about our result. We've not been destroyed and must have put in a decent effort. I read the CCN match reports and pictures which seemed to confirm this, and check through The Fulham Independant in which opinions were mixed but generally positive. I hadn't given us much hope before the game but we held out for longer than I'd expected. At the end of the day we've still lost and that is really all that counts, but at least we've done so with a bit of spirit.

A quiet couple of weeks ahead during which we can watch England's failure to qualify for Euro 2008 confirmed and maybe get excited about who the next national manager is going to be. I'll probably only post occasionally between now and the Blackburn game just to give myself time to catch up on some long overdue domestic chores. Keep the faith.


Sniffer 72 said...


I don't suppose you fancy giving me a hand with some of my chores as well?

S 72

Anonymous said...

Ha - I don't think so Andy. How nervous are you of a draw at Cambridge? That midweek trip to Weymouth could still be on?!


Anonymous said...

What did the Staines supporting Derby fan think of the Staines goal?! It's not that long ago Fulham scraped a one-nil against the biggest team in east Cheshire.

Chopper said...

Funny you should ask. Despite travelling from the Isle of Wight, he missed the goal as he had to leave early to get back in time to meet us down the pub!