Monday, April 16, 2007

Ladies Football Team

I've been keeping an eye out for the Fulham Women F.C. results this season. It's been pretty tough for them since Mo pulled the plug at the end of last year. Any remaining semi-professional players left for bigger clubs and they were forced to recruit a huge number of new players. However, after an appalling start losing 17-1 to Arsenal Ladies, and then generally losing quite heavily every week, they have worked very hard and slowly improved finally culminating in a 1-0 win away at Sunderland. They lost again the other day but this report from the BBC shows how hard they are trying, with only 11 fit players, they were forced to play without any subs had their normal goalkeeper play up front, and still only lost 2-0 to a decent Everton side. Based on that performance they might actually have more spirit than our first team - I hope the lads can prove me wrong this Saturday. Anyway good luck to the girls, they lost again at the weekend and are one more (inevitable) defeat away from relegation, but it will be interesting to see how they fair in a lower division.

Update: Just heard that Fulham Women are in the Surrey Cup final this coming Sunday against Chel**a.They would love to see big Fulham turn out to help beat that lot from down the road. Kick Off is at 12 next Sunday at Molesey FCs ground, Walton Road,Molesey,KT8 0JG.

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