Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jinx Watch - 675 minutes and counting

Way back in January I wrote about my self-imposed ban on attending games due to the fact that I had not seen Fulham score a Premiership goal since the home game against Wigan last season. I had hoped that by not going we'd be safely out of any trouble before I risked another match. Saturday was therefore my first game since Watford on January 1st and, of course, we failed to score again. This means I have now watched 675 minutes of Premiership football without seeing a Fulham goal. I did at least get some relief by watching the FA Cup game against Leicester but Steed Malbranque scoring on the stroke of half-time against Wigan, last season, is the most recent Premiership goal I have witnessed live. Since then I have attended the home games against Chelsea (0-2), Wigan (0-1), Reading (0-1), West Ham (0-0) and Watford (0-0), and away at Liverpool (0-4) and now Reading (0-1) without a single valid goal. The one game I had a ticket for but didn't go to, home to Newcastle on Feb 3rd, we won 2-1 and to really rub it in we *have* scored in every other home game this season.

Well jinx or no jinx there's no way I'm not going to the last two home games, so I've got everything crossed I can finally break my hoodoo on Saturday.


Mike said...

Now we'll know where the blame lies this week.

Chopper said...

Too true. If we don't score on Saturday I will be seriously worried. The only saving grace is that my Dad is coming to the Liverpool game and he hasn't been since that Wigan game we won. A-ha an anti-jinx - deal with that fickle finger of fate!