Monday, April 09, 2007

Game 33 - FFC 1 Manchester City 3

Flippin' heck! There's really not much to say about this is there? We clearly need to get two wins to stand any chance of staying up and today was one of our last good chances. We blew it, as we did against Portsmouth, and Villa. We've only two home games left, against Blackburn and Liverpool, neither of which will be easy opportunities, which in all likelihood means we need a win away from home. Two games ago I still thought Coleman could do the job and we'd probably be fine, now I don't think that's the case anymore.

I'm going to Reading on Saturday, mainly because a friend of mine lives near by and we've planned on going from the start of the season. It now looks like this could be a make or break match. Not sure if Coleman will still be in charge by then, I think any remaining fence-sitter's (myself included) probably fell off today, and Mo may think that the time is nigh. I'm not sure a change now will actually make much difference, our only real option is Ray Lewington as caretaker, but we need something to change our fortunes.


Anonymous said...

chopper, did you make it to the reserve game tonight?


Chopper said...

Yes I did. Interesting to see some players I'd only read about before. Arsenal won 1-0 but didn't really impress. Rustrom looked lively and had a bit of pace, Claus was quality, Dempsey dissapointing.