Sunday, April 08, 2007

Game 32 - Everton 4 FFC 1

Another hammering on Merseyside, and yet I'm not too despondent. We were undone by some fine football from Everton in the first half, but didn't give up, and had a real go in the second half. There were some welcome changes to the starting eleven, although much of that was probably down to injuries and suspensions, rather than some sudden tactical revolution. It was nice to see Volz back in the team, and for Routledge to finally get another go on the wing. Disappointing though that Cookie felt it necessary to switch Simon Davies to the left wing, where I felt he was more restricted. I feel pretty certain that Routledge can play with either foot, and would be the more natural choice for that role, but maybe with Liam having to fill in again Coleman felt it would leave us too open on that flank.

As it turned out, despite taking the lead slightly against the run of play, it was probably Routledge's fault that Jolean Lescott was able to rampage forward and play the ball of his life into the box for Lee Carsley to convert. A slight digression here - What sort of a name is Jolean for a man? Maybe his parents were slightly dyslexic Dolly Parton fans. And what is going on with that haircut? I couldn't take my eyes of it, kind of a very straight edge from temple to ear. It looks as if it wasn't trimmed that way he'd have a hairy forehead. All very bizarre, and I'm very sorry Jolean if you somehow read this and there's a genuine reason for it. Great pass though.

Two more goals conceded before half time, and in both, I felt there was some clever movement from the Everton forwards to ensure that nippy but short Andy Johnson played off Zat thus isolating Bocanegra with their big men. This was particularly evident in the killer third goal, in which AJ dragged Zat way out of position, Zat really failed to clear the danger, and the ball was quickly played into the box where what was left of our defence was in disarray.

The game really was over at that point, but we stuck to our guns and created a lot of chances in the second half. More than anything it highlighted our biggest problem of the season, and inability to score. We really do need Montella to get fit and play a few games if we're going to pick up those "two wins" Coleman reckons will see us safe. McBride had the best chance, with a towering header, and if that had gone in maybe we could have got something out of the game. It wasn't a surprise that pushing so many people forward eventually led to a forth and final goal, but I was proud of the way we had fought, and if we can keep playing with that attitude maybe we can pick up the wins we need sooner rather than later.

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