Sunday, April 15, 2007

Game 34 - Reading 1 FFC 0

"We're shit and we're going down" is the tune that's currently reverberating around my head. This was probably the most anticipated match I've been too for a good five years and was always going to struggle to meet my hopes and expectations. Having had a little time to evaluate what I saw today, perhaps there were signs that we'd got some fight left in us, but I was still left hugely disappointed with the lack of spirit shown by many of the players today. The report on Craven Cottage Newsround sums it up very well so not much point me going into detail. However much we huffed and puffed in the second half we just didn't find the target often enough. I think Sanchez very much kept things as they were today, and I hope that he will have learnt a lot. I would expect to see some changes for the Blackburn game, Davies surely cannot be asked to play left wing again and we need to find some way to get the ball to our strikers in dangerous areas. I would like to see Claus involved but other than that I think we're stuck with the same group of players. Fingers crossed that Blackburn can draw with the Chavs tomorrow and they'll have they're minds elsewhere next Saturday.

Here's some pictures.

1. Pre-match tension.

2. "Look Boss it's a plane!"

3. Action shot to make Ken Coton proud ... not!

4. Montella on left, Dempsey on right, not sure what's happening though.

5. He might be a Gunner but he sang his heart out today for us. 6. So did I ... got a sore throat now though.

7. Almost caught us in full song.

8. Marcus Hahnemann. I saw this man let the ball go through his legs at Grimsby when he played for us and yet he keeps two clean sheets against us this season.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the semi-final Blackburn vs Chelsea? If Blackburn play like that against us that's another game we will get no points from!! We're very dependant on those below us being beaten in their games, to keep us in the Premiership - I don't blame Lawrie Sanchez, but Chris Coleman could have done that! Liked the pics especially of the Gunners supporter!! Cheers "Chopsticks" Harris

Chopper said...

Only saw the highlights of the Cup Semi's, I think you're right though, its a very tough game to win, but probably our best chance for 3 points.