Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Signings

I have been pretty relaxed this close season about transfer activity (or the lack thereof). My feeling is that Sanchez has a style of Football that he wants to play and whilst the names we are linked with may not seem the greatest in the world, they will fit the plan. We certainly can't afford to compete with the likes of Arsenal or Spurs for the type of players that play quality football (at least not in the numbers we need) but we can become a more organised and disciplined side, one capable of doing the simple stuff effectively and making ourselves hard to beat. I am pleased with the names we are being linked with, they generally suggest pace and width and those are two attributes that the team that finished last season was desperately lacking.

The next four weeks are when we're likely to see the most activity in signing players. It does amaze me how long it takes to complete a deal. Diomansy Kamara has all but agreed to sign for us, with the BBC, Sky and the West Brom site all mentioning the likelihood that he is coming to us, yet there still seems to be a sticking point over the transfer of Heidur Helgusson in the opposite direction. Typically so far no comment from Fulham, and as we all know until the player has been announced on the Official website its not a done deal. I don't think we're likely to get "Reyna-ed" again but if H does not agree a move to WBA there could be more haggling to do over Kamara's price.

I wonder if the transfer window is this hard for everyone or is it just Fulham? Obviously being more interested in Fulham we pick up on the rumours and gossip about our club and don't pay as much notice to other teams. Is it really like that for every club in the Premier League or is it something unique to Fulham that makes things drag out for so long? Sky were saying on Thursday night it was a done deal and even the normally reticent BBC were reporting we were "close to signing" Kamara on Saturday, yet come Tuesday we've still not been able to announce it officially. Fingers crossed it will be done soon - it gets to the point where I don't actually care if the player's any good I just want to know the uncertainty is over!

Other potential targets mentioned have been Aston Villa's Steven Davis (central midfield), Leeds' David Healy (striker and Northern Ireland lucky charm), Blackburn's Jason Roberts (striker), Sheffield Wednesday's Chris Brunt (Left wing) and QPR-ha-ha-ha's Lee Cook (Right Wing). Now you too can start counting the days until they get announced!

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