Monday, July 09, 2007

New Signing - Diomansy Kamara

BBC and Sky Sports both now reporting that Diomansy Kamara has finally signed for Fulham in a deal reportedly worth £6Million. Crikey that's a lot of money! No doubt the official Fulham website will get around to telling us about this by Wednesday or Thursday, by which time it will probably be an "undisclosed fee" - we like those. I doubt it's a full £6Million up front, there's probably staged payments and appearance related clauses but heck I'm just pleased we've got a striker through the doors. Diomansy is 26 and scored 21 goals (though most of them in the Championship) in around 60 appearances for West Brom. Prior to that he scored 4 goals in 25 appearances for Pompey and he has made 3 appearances so far for Senegal.

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Chopper said...

It's on the Offical Site now as well, which is good and means there's not going to be any embarrassing Reyna-like episodes.