Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Very Quiet Sunday

I've just had one of the quietest Sunday's I can remember. Mrs Chopper is poorly and stayed in bed for most of the day, Chop Jr is poorly and was happy lying on the sofa watching TV and Chop Jr II seemed equally lethargic. I'm not complaining, its actually been a really nice day, I've not really been able to get on with anything just potter about and occasionally browse the Internet. Just had a little kick about in the garden with Chop Jr but he got tired and had to go in. Score is currently tightly poised at 10-9 to Jr. We also watched "The Parent Trap" (starring Hayley Mills twice) all the way through and we all enjoyed it! Sunday Roast is now cooking but with most of the family not displaying very big appetites I think I'll get to eat most of it.

There's not much Fulham related to talk about as most of the Football world seems to be taking the day off. Roy O'Donovan is due at Motspur Park for his medical tomorrow. Michael Brown seems still yet to commit to Wigan. If you're looking for something interesting to read Craven Cottage Newsround is always worth a look particularly this article about Franck Queudrue. I had this comment to make on the situation.

"The Franck situation is definitely an interesting one. I was a big fan of him at Middlesbrough but was generally disappointed with what I saw in a Fulham shirt. I suspect all the talk is just to ensure we get the right price for him. However, if he does end up staying it could only be a good thing for us. More competition for the Left Back role and the possibility that I reckon Franck would make a pretty decent centre back. The other thing is how well this reflects on Lawrie, the impression I get is that he deals with these sort of conflicts head-on rather than take the (perceived) Coleman approach of sending a player to the doghouse."

I've also begun writing another Blog. Yes I know - what on earth are you thinking about? I just couldn't help myself though. Did I mention I got up at 6:30 this morning? Anyway it's completely unrelated to Football and is simply a list of my favourite Top 5's, I've been thinking of new ones all day. Its helped pass the time, and I reckon I can write it fairly easily without struggling too hard to devise new topics. If you want a look here's a link. It's a lovely sunny day out there so I really should be out making the most of it, think I'll just turn the roast potatoes and have a potter in the garden.

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