Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

I haven't actually got anything particular to say, but as it's my birthday today I felt I ought to post something. Our telly's broken at the moment (all the colours are still there they're just displaying in the wrong order - seen a lot of green blood and blue pasta in the last week!) so we drove into Kingston in the afternoon. It was hell, took a very long time and proved subsequently fruitless as we dithered on making a final decision and still haven't bought a telly. Took a different route home only to get caught up in three far worse traffic jams and take twice as long as the journey in. Fairly frazzled by the time we got back, things then plummeted to a new low as we discovered the water wasn't working (we've got a combi boiler as well so no header tank for backup). Thankfully it was only a temporary interruption and it was back on within the hour but for a while there I thought the weekend was going to be pretty miserable.

On to football related topics glad to see Chris Coleman has been offered the job at Real Sociedad. It should be an interesting challenge following their relegation to the Spanish second tier but it will certainly give Cookie some good experience. Steve Keane is likely to go with him. Keano played in Portugal for a bit and also supposedly speaks Spanish. Not sure if these facts actually tie up but for now I'm happy to believe it's true. I do think it will be a pretty tough job, managing in a league and country of which they'll have little experience and trying to attract new players to a team in a lower division. I can't see many ex or current Fulham players heading out there but I wish Chris all the best and hope he does well. I'll certainly try and keep an eye out for their results and report back on how they are doing.

Right - I'm off to make the most of the remaining year of being in my thirties!

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