Monday, January 28, 2008

Still Waiting

Crikey it's Wednesday since my last post and in that time pretty much nothing has happened. I was expecting a flurry of transfer confirmations to come through and to be full of positivity ahead of Tuesday night's match at Bolton. It's not looking good. Marlon King has officially joined Wigan. It seems they only paid £3.5Million which is a long way short of the £5M we had apparently agreed. Whatever the truth behind the "failed medical" and our attempt to renegotiate terms the one thing I am really glad about is that we won't be playing Wigan again this season. Daniel Cousins is still waiting on FIFA clearance to allow him to play for three clubs in one season. He claims to be already training with us, but neither FIFA nor the Premier League (who may also have to ratify the decision) are renowned for their speedy responses. NEC Groningen have rejected our "last offer" for Erik Nevland, so unless we decide to renegotiate that deal looks dead as well. All a bit depressing really after the excitement of last week. The trip to the Reebok looks ever more likely to be a point-less one but I've still got my fingers crossed for the beginning of the revival.


bq said...

I know it's been Wed. since your last post. I keep checking in with you a couple of times a day or more and what do I find? Nothing! Sincerely, I do enjoy your posts and always look forward to your writing Chopper.

Yup, let's hope there's something up RH's sleeve. But it really doesn't look like there is anything cooking.

chopper said...

Thanks BQ. I have deliberately cut down on my posts as I was spending too much time writing updates in the middle of the night and not enough time doing that big list of jobs I ought to be doing. Will keep it ticking over though.

I'm hopeful we'll see a couple of signings before the close of the window.

chopper said...

Nevland now signed!

bq said...

Ya, I've been remodeling a kitchen and between that, work, relationships, writing for CCN and for BlueSkySoccer, it's a bit wearing sometimes.

Not having little ones around anymore makes it a bit easier to find time however.