Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bolton 0 Fulham 0 - Digesting the Elephant

There's an old Chinese proverb that runs something along the lines of the way to eat an elephant is to do so by taking very small mouthfuls. It seems appropriate to Fulham's current predicament. Whilst not many of us are going to be jumping up and down with excitement following last nights goalless draw at the Reebok, we have at least taken that first step towards a still unlikely escape from relegation. Our first point under Roy Hodgson. Our first clean sheet since Derby back in October of last year. A small but significant change in our fortunes. Both Hangleland and Andreasen made their debuts, Jimmy Bullard made his first Premier League start since that fateful day at Newcastle (and lasted 87 minutes) and Philippe Christanval came on as a second half sub in his first action of the season. We're a long way from any form of safety but we've begun the journey.


Rob said...

Nice analogy that one Chopper...can't work out how I'm supposed to feel after last night's result to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Having watched the reporting on the box whilst the game was being played, I then watched the showing on Sky at 10.15pm and I felt that FFC once again were not being given reasonable reporting for their efforts. Whilst Bolton should have made more of their chances (in particular their speed on the occasions they were able to attack) I felt we made better use of mid-field and with 4 days to work on the squad RH might just get them motivated to make Sunday' match worth going to after all! It might produce the result we all want and then who knows what may happen? A couple of 3-pointers would do wonders for morale and self-belief - here's hoping anyway.
Chopper's Dad

Rob said...

I agree Chopper's Dad. I, too, watched the highlights and though we did well, particularly in the first half.

bq said...

Agreed that we controlled the midfield.

If we can get some wheels up top, which RH is promising us we will have on Sunday, well then maybe?

How long now since we've had a win? Too long, that I do know.

chopper said...

Thanks for the comments. Pleased to hear that we actually played quite well too. Wish I was going on Sunday now!