Sunday, January 20, 2008

Football Fanzine Awards - Vote Fulham!

The team behind the Football Fans Census are running the New Football Pools Fanzine Awards 2007-2008 to recognise the great contribution that Fanzines make to the game we love - and the search is on to find the best. Nominations are open from now until Friday 8th February and I've been asked to let readers of The Hammy End Chronicle know all about it.

There are 10 different Awards; Best Fanzine, Best Editor, Best Writer, Best Blog, Best Premier League, Best Championship, Best League One, Best League Two, Best SPL and Best Non-League.

After nominations, a long list will be drawn up from the more popular nominees which fans can then give futher feedback on to create a shortlist for final judging (to make sure fanzines from smaller clubs are on an even playing field with those from the bigger clubs). There's more information on the Awards Site or by clicking on the banners.

It would be lovely if you felt compelled to vote for HEC but there are a number of good Fulham fanzines out there and I think the most important thing is we get a few votes in for any of the Fulham boys, I've not checked out the nomination process yet but I once I do I'll report back once I have.

UPDATE: I had to register with the site to nominate, which may put some people off, but I've nominated TOOFIF & David Lloyd in the Fanzine categories, Craven Cottage Newsround, Following the Fulham and White Lines in the Blog categories. I think the final voting list will be based on the number of nominations each site gets.

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