Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some interesting quotes on Hodgson

I found some interesting comments about Roy Hodgson from Blackburn Rovers fans over on the Sky Sports website.

Patrick Doolan (Blackburn Rovers fan) said "A surprising appointment i think. But as a Blackburn fan knowing of his time at Rovers. I thought he was a good manager, he just had a split dressing room, a certain Mr. Sherwood didn't like him and caused unrest. As long as he keeps all his players in the dressing room working with him, rather than against him i think he could keep you up! Good luck".

Fraser Ormerod (Blackburn Rovers fan) said "Roy Hodgson was an unknown to English football after managing Inter and the Swiss national side. He started full of promise , but it became all too obvious that he had other things on his mind, i.e. a top four or national team. He was on Sky every other game pontificating about other teams tactics etc and how it should be done to improve things, it didn't take long for him to take his eye from his REAL responsibilities which [in his 2nd year] was to halt a rapid decline. I think Sherwood had too much to do in the dressing room because Hodgson was never there and was lining his nest for his next move. Pity for him it took to long as he'd neglected Rovers for so long he was no longer admired. So, if he keeps his eye on the ball, decent manager! only problem is does he see Fulham, like Blackburn, as a stepping stone to BIGGER clubs! HMMMM sounds like i m talking about Benni McCarthy now, that s a different story".

There's also a very sensible post from Fulham fan Steve Linsell who says "An experienced manager was the prime requirement in Fulham's current position. When you look at the viable alternatives, Roy Hodgson would be high on that list. Steve McClaren; Ericsson, Venables, Martin Jol all have good CV's - but also skeletons in their cupboards. That unfortunately comes with longevity of career. Roy should have good football contacts both home and aboard. Sometimes it is not what you know , it is who you know to get the right people into your coaching or playing squad. Realistically, his first job is to stabilise Fulham and that probably means getting approximately 35 points this season. It doesn't have to be pretty, but with every player needs to work for the team and not individual glory. Roy has Bullard; McBride and Cook coming back from long terms injuries. The players are under performing and with 1 or 2 good new signings his current squad can turn from 'zero's to heroes!' He needs to ensure everyone pulls together and hit hard any negative karma should there be doubters.Results are everything, but confidence must not be undermined even in jest. Fulham fans need to get behind the team and the new manager. It is a new sunrise and perhaps belief comes in front of confidence and getting those vital points.

Some good points to ponder then. It all starts on New Years Day with the SW6 derby of course. Win that one Roy and you'll be a hero before you've even begun!


Brian Quarstad said...

I won't even try to comment on these because Steve Linsell's comment was eloquently said, and pretty much sums up how I feel about the appointment.

Chopper said...

Yep, I think Steve's got it right. I'm not convinced about Hodgson but the improtant thing is he's probably capable of re-building the team whichever division we end up in. I read a short article in the Daily Mail today that said he was all ready to take over as Sporting Director for Inter Milan. That's an excellent pedigree and one that can't be sniffed at. I'd love to see him develop the young talent at our club and get us back on the right course of playing decent football. Longer term he could even move up to become our own Director of Football (I have no idea where Les Reed stands now) and be that much needed Football Savy head on the board.

Brian Quarstad said...

Ya, saw that also when I followed your other link. I thought the same thing.