Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Reserves looking strong with a win over Spurs

A very short post to congratulate the Reserves on another good win. The announcement some time ago that this game was to be played at Craven Cottage had me expecting a return for the prodigal Jimmy Bullard but it was not to be. Jimmy's probably a good couple of weeks away from an actual game. Volzy continued his rehabilitation with another sixty minutes, but the rest of the team (Warner aside) were fairly young and have done well to nick a win in the last few minutes.

Fulham report HERE

Spurs report HERE

UPDATE: Nice report from White Lines HERE


smfifteen said...

Thanks Chopper.

My tuppence-ha'penny worth here:


Chopper said...

Good Report sm15. I've added a link to the main post. Bravo for going, I was all set but put off at the last minute by it being cold and dark and the extra 30 minutes it would have taken to get to CC. Shame on me!

smfifteen said...

Thanks for the link mate. I must admit that during the poor start I was considering leaving at half-time what with the cold and all. But it picked up and was reasonably engaging after that.