Friday, December 21, 2007

Sanchez Sacked!

Despite my post earlier this morning I'm still a bit stunned by this. Ray Lewington and Billy McKinlay take charge of the team for the weekend.


Brian Quarstad said...

It's all a bit sad isn't Chopper. I mean it's only football after all. But all the venom on the boards? I know everyone is passionate for the team to do well and they care deeply about the club. But such hate?

Now we go through another rebuilding process and who knows if that will work or not. Another unknown. With that said, I know things could not have kept going as they were. It's got to be very tumultuous for the boys on the pitch. McClaren was pitched by someone this morning and then of course there is Collins. As I commented over at CCN yesterday, from what I understand, Collins damn near had a revolt at Hib the players hated him so much. So that's what we want? I don't get it.

Bottom line is, it all sucks!

Jason Gatties said...

I would take Collins over McClaren at this point. I think this will have the opposite effect on the club. Sometimes a club who is down needs something to rally around. I feel this will give our boys a firm kick in the ass and they will move out of the relegation zone.

Rob said...

it's always unpleasant when someone loses their job but his position was totally untenable. This was his team - four months into the season - and we were heading towards relegation...I don't think Mo had a lot of choice. The timing was a bit weird granted, but hopefully a new permanent manager will be in situ sooner rather than later and we can rebuild.

Chopper said...

Agree with Brian about the venom. There's no need for it. To some extent it's a sign of how passionatly people feel about their football club but you're right that much of it is completely over the top. I do think Collins could be just as much of a gamble but the Tigana link helps sell him to me. At least you'd see a fitter and more professional team.