Friday, December 14, 2007

Fulham v Newcastle - Not a preview

Having already attended two works Christmas do's this week, heading out tonight for a mates 40th and with Mrs Chopper's birthday on Sunday, I've not got time to do a proper preview of the weekend's game. In fact thanks to the rearranged kick-off and Mrs C's aforementioned birthday, I'm not even going. Funnily enough I didn't make last years fixture either and seeing as how we won that game (leading to me dancing in the streets of Ryde!) maybe it's a good omen I won't be there.

I do recommend you read Rob's excellent pre-match interview with a Newcastle fan and I'm sure the Craven Cottage Newsround boys will be providing an appropriate build up to the game as well.

Come on you Fulham - we need this one big time.

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Anonymous said...

Chopper I did as suggested and looked at CCN - very interesting comments. As for the game well you were the lucky one, I have never felt so disappointed with our team and it was b***** cold into the bargain and nothing to cheer or get excited about to make it worth going. You know my thoughts on LS from the first day he was appointed and he has done nothing since to prove me wrong! I can find better things to do with both my money and my time and renewing my season ticket next year is not one of them!! I may as well stay on the South Coast and have a jar (or two!) with my mates at the golf club. I don't hold out much chance of us beating Wigan next Sat unless the players start playing football - on the ground with some decent passing instead of this persistent head-tennis. Junior was really unlucky if the penalty was down to him but he is the only one who seems to know what they should be doing.
Also who advised Al Fayed that LS was the manager we needed? Also who persuaded him to spend more money than Chris Coleman saw in his entire management period? That is someone else who should be given his cards!
Chopper's Dad