Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Words of wisdom

Time, I think, for me to move on from upsetting Liverpool fans and talk about Fulham again. Last week Roy Hodgson was interviewed by Fulhamfc.com to discuss the summer transfer dealings. He made some interesting points about the size and shape of the squad. The key quote I picked up on was this.

When I came in January we really had far too many players and lots of them just trebling or quadrupling up for positions, never getting a game and obviously costing the Club a lot of money, but not playing any football. Whereas now, with a squad of only 23 players, of which three are goalkeepers, it will give the younger players, like Milsom and Brown, a chance to push forward and show what they can do in the First Team squad. It will give the players on the fringes a greater chance of playing, and although the squad is at the limit in terms of size, at least it’s full of the right type of players that we want to be at the Club.

He makes an excellent point regarding the size of the squad and the subsequent opportunities for young players. I've previously expressed a concern that we might be short of players and yet have also been keen to see our development squad start to make the breakthrough. Clearly you can't have it both ways. There won't be any quick fixes under Roy but this does give a positive indication that he'll be looking to bring young players through which can only be a good thing for the long term future of the club.

Moritz Volz has also written another excellent piece for The Times, talking about the uncertainty of the transfer window, how he's settling in at Ipswich and trying to get the local press to spell his name right. It doesn't sound like his debut for Town went all that well but I'll be keeping an eye on Volzy and the other loan players as the season progresses.


Mike Hopkins said...

Yes, Mortiz's name is clearly a challenge.

Chopper said...

Ha - brilliant! What a spanner. I'd like to claim that was a deliberate mistake for humour value but that's clearly not true. Thanks for pointing it out.

Sorry Moritz!

Brooklyn Bill said...

10 midefielders, though. can he keep them all happy?

Chopper said...

Bill - I think we've got a reasonable mix of starters and backups. Wouldn't want us to have any less. The only player I'd be concerned about is Clint Dempsey who hasn't had much of a look in thus far. I hope he get's an opportunity soon but it's difficult to see where that might come.