Monday, September 15, 2008

Late tackle ...

Despite the luxury of making some notes on the way home, I've not found time to put together a proper match report. I figure any later in the week and it would be the written equivalent of a Kevin Nolan tackle, so for now check Craven Cottage Newsround and Following The Fulham for their excellent match reports which pretty much say everything I'd have said anyway. I'll be back at some point this week to discuss what was a very impressive performance from the Whites.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Chop, for the steer to the other two reports, both well written and confirm my(our?)views of the match and the improvement in our beloved FFC Team. Let's hope it continues to show in some away games as well!
I appreciate the difficulties you may have in finding time to write your own report, but late or not I for one would still like to read it (you know my views on your writing). Hope you can manage to find the time.

Although the comments you received from the L'pool supporters may not have been complimentary they really only confirmed how partisan we all are when it comes to our own teams and players, after all you do hold pretty strong views yourself on JB's worthiness for an England shirt!

Chopper's Dad