Monday, May 25, 2009

Last on Match of the Day - Fulham victorious

How typically Fulhamish. In our best ever season we manage to be last on Match of the Day more times than anyone else except Wigan. Mike Whalley's excellent site has been tracking this for the last two seasons. Last season we came joint 2nd behind the frankly massive 13 appearances Derby County mustered. This season it was a much closer affair with us and Wigan managing nine appearances each but Fulham claiming the title thanks to the Gubba difference.

Mike Whalley's - World of Sport "Last on MOTD"


Bad Andy said...

My mate's a Boro fan and is always convinced his team are on last. The irony for them is the day they go down without a wimper is the day they are the first match on.

Chopper said...

I think everyone thinks the same (apart from the top 4 or 5 clubs). Turns out we're all probably about the same, but gives me a bit of a chuckle.