Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Morning

Well actually it's quite late on Saturday night. I really should be off to bed but I find myself still sitting at the computer tapping away having realised it's over a week since I posted. Having just spent the week with my Dad in not-quite-as-sunny-as-we-expected Bexhill we've spent the day catching up on household jobs in between trips to various swimming pools.

Since I was last here Andy Johnson finally signed having successfully navigated the Fulham medical ploy that previously caught out John Carew and Marlon King. Lee Cook, T.J. Moncur and Hameur Bouazza have all gone out on loan and Roy is rapidly closing in on his chosen squad.

Yesterday afternoon Fulham contrived to draw 2-2 with Torino in our final pre-season friendly. There's a really good report by Jamie R at CCN

Rob's done one of his excellent previews with an opposition fan ahead of our opening fixture at Hull City. Read that and admire Rob's smart redesign at Following The Fulham

Finally, my friend Andy has had his blog, a record of his travels following the road to the F.A. Cup final, turned into a book. A real, honest-to-goodness, proper, published book. Respect is most definitely due. Further details at
Wick to Wembley?.

By the time you read this it will indeed be Sunday morning, so this seems appropriate ...

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