Friday, August 22, 2008


I've not had the most productive week. Failed to do all sorts of things I really should have done. Somewhere in the midst of all this procrastination I found time to update my statistics pages. They're really for my own benefit but are also there for anyone who might find them useful.

Fulham Squad Details 2008/09 provides a list of our current playing squad and a record of those that have moved on in the current transfer window.

Fulham Team Sheet and stats 2008/09 is my attempt to keep track of match statistics and provide a record of player appearances similar to the back page of the programme.

I've also reinstated my New Signing Tracker with links to the Wikipedia page for each of our new recruits. There are links to all the new players so far over there, on the right, just below the Hammy End Features.

If you spot any mistakes let me know.


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be (probably the most empty phrase in the English language) a nit picker, but Erik Nevland is Norwegian (not Danish), and came in from FC Groningen (not Viking)...

chopper said...

Not a problem - just what I need actually. I seem to have a mental block about Nevland's home country.

I knew he was playing for FC Groningen but I thought Soccerbase had him down as coming from Viking. Figured he might have been on loan. Just checked again and you are correct so thanks very much. Spreadsheet now suitably amended.