Tuesday, May 20, 2008

That's it for now

It's been a long hard season and I'm ready to forget about football for a few months now. No doubt there will be lots of excitement over the close season as Roy prepares for his first full season in charge. Keep your eyes peeled on CCN, FtF and TiFF for all the comings and goings and, if you get really bored, I'll still be doing a weekly Top 5 on all manner of subjects HERE.

Enjoy the summer - I'll probably be back sometime in August.


Anonymous said...

See you next year, Chopper. Great work all season, been a delight to read.


Rob said...

Same here Chopper - top stuff all year. Have a good break.

Chopper said...

Thanks Chaps!

Sniffer 72 said...

Top work Chopper; you deserve a rest! Not long now before next season's fixtures are out...!

bq said...

Dittos Chopper. I not only enjoyed your writing but appreciate the long distance connection we made this year.

Look forward to another year of football next season that will hopefully be a bit less eventful at seasons end.


Chopper said...

Thanks BQ - I'm all for mid-table obscurity next year as well!

Algarve Happy said...

Thought you might enjoy this!!!

The Great Escape

They started off the Season,
And anyone would reason,
With the money that they’d spent,
That they’d be safe by Lent.

Lawrie Sanchez was his name,
Of Northern Ireland fame,
But little did he know,
Come December he would go.

Pump it into the area,
What could be scarier?
But the defence was full of holes,
And we needed more goals.

In the first half’s forty-five,
We always came alive.
If only we’d stopped then?
We’d have been in the top ten!

By December twenty-first,
Fulham had seemed cursed,
Mohammed had seen enough,
And Sanchez packed his stuff.

While we are thinking, “Oh that’s tragic!”
Roy of the Rovers appeared like magic.
He took one look and felt real queasy,
And told the Press: “This won’t be easy!”

The first few games were scrappy,
And Hodgson wasn’t happy,
But as Bullard raised his curly head,
We realised we weren’t dead.

Just hold on a tick,
Remember Jimmy's free kick?,
In a 1-1 draw that bored,
He put Villa to the sword.

Back too came Cap McBride,
And really encouraged the side,
His courage and his verve,
Helped Fulham hold their nerve.

But was it all too late?
To help decide their fate,
Much too inconsistent,
Against sides that were resistant.

Was it Reading or Man City,
When they banished self-pity?
Then there was Birmingham too,
Who left the Cottage blue.

And so there came the final day,
Fulham played Pompey away,
Redknapp promised a merry fight,
And as it was the game was tight.

Until the 76th minute,
There was nothing in it,
Then Jimmy Bullard took a kick,
And Danny Murphy made it stick.

So ended the Great Escape,
Pinch yourself:” It’s not a jape”
Fulham had come back from the dead,
Thanks to Danny Murphy’s head.

Now we are thinking of next year’s dreams,
As memories fade and Hodgson schemes,
Will they win the League or Cup,
Or just be thankful if we stay up!

And when they were up they were up,
And when they were down they were down,
But they were never halfway up,
And never halfway down.

Chopper said...

Lovely stuff and "Fulham had come back from the dead, Thanks to Danny Murphy’s head" is a cracking couplet!

Chris said...

Really pleased you stayed up. I live in Southfields, and even before that I enjoyed my annual trip to the Cottage. Fantastic escape, well done, and see you next season.

Chopper said...